1st year :)

10 May

I know I’ve said this many times before in recent posts, but let me just say it again.. How time flies!

Before we know it, we’ve hit the 1 year mark. And as always, I hope we have many more years ahead together 🙂

It was in a way, 回到过去 for both of us, because we were back at Alexandra Road for dinner. But the only thing is that it was same same but different – same area, but different place for dinner.

1 year ago, it was claypot chicken rice with avocado milkshakes, ending off with Island Creamery brownies, for the first time we went out together..

1 year later..


Jack’s Place, at Anchorpoint. This was why I said it was same same but different. 🙂

Soup of the day: Tomato Risque Chicken (if I didn’t remember wrongly)
Starters: Escargots and Mushrooms with Slippery Lobster and Crab Meat
Main Courses: Surf and Turf  – mine; Jack’s Special Steak  – Jem’s

We shared a brownie for dessert too, but I didn’t snap a photo of it heh.

This is gonna sound very noobie, but that was also the very first time I tried escargots in my life!! But thankfully, I had a good experience with it – the meat was tender and good! I’d heard stories about how some places have really yummy escargots, and other bad experiences where it was claimed that the escargots tasted too rubbery.. So on and so forth, so I was really glad that my first impression of escargots were good!

In many ways, we’ve walked through a lot of ups and downs, and I don’t even know how to describe it all.. But what I can safely say is that you’re an awesome boyfriend, who’ve always been there for me through it all. :’) I love you.

On a side note, I’m now really excited for our cruise getaway to Redang Island next weekend!! 😀

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