07 Jun

Yep, I’m back from the cruise! It’s absolutely awesome, pigging out was really an understatement – we both gained weight from this trip because we ate so much, and even had supper (considering that I’m usually not the sort of person who’d have supper).

Other than the crazy pigging out, exploring the cruise was a definite must, and SNORKELING.

You gotta love life when you get complementary champagne (:

The very surreal feeling when I realized we were sailing to Redang via South China Sea. I honestly feel a bit of a blonde, because it really never occurred to me at all that we’d have to sail via South China Sea. Talk about geography fail :\

Cheers to having Sundown wear! 🙂 Albeit different years. Mine was 2012, his was 2009 🙂

I want to come back here again 1 day. Not via a cruise. I want to stay in a resort in Redang, and explore the beaches, nightlife and whatnot. Oh, and I’m really (x infinity) anal about toilet cleanliness. I shall not go into detail about how gross the public toilet was, but let’s just say it was very poorly maintained.

Snorkeling is an experience that everyone MUST go through at least once in their lives. Period.

Idea of what snorkeling is like. We saw a whole school of these fishes come up close to us, swimming under us.. My only regret was that I didn’t have an underwater camera! 😦 Imagine seeing corals, rainbow-colored fishes, clownfish.. 😀

Because we were in our bathrobes post-snorkeling, and just got back to the cruise, he insisted that we had to take a photo with the golden horses 🙂

More photos in his mini-DSLR!


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