18 Jun

Please allow me to go into fan-girl mode a bit (albeit a belated one), because I got the chance to see the King of Mandopop live in a real concert setting! 😀
Okay, F1 2012 is close enough though, but somehow still not exactly enough, partly because there were no costume changes on his part, it was only 1 hour+ long, and it was at the open field at Padang – killer humidity, especially since F1 was in September and knowing the intense humid Singapore weather..

So it was actually a really last minute thing that I managed to get tickets for the Saturday night (8th June) leg of his concert, in large part with many thanks to Loretta, a friend from school 🙂 I had just mentioned in passing on Twitter that I was kind of disappointed that I wasn’t able to get tickets to his concert, and was trying to console myself with the fact that I’d done my fair share of singing his songs at $10 Karaoke at Chinatown with the Alcoholics on that previous Sunday. So she had seen it and asked me if I was looking for tickets, and I just replied that I was, but I honestly wasn’t really expecting it to work out, knowing how when ticket sales for his concerts roll by, his tickets are sold out in record time, in addition to Sistic’s website getting incredibly laggy due to the extreme volume of traffic.

It turned out that her friend was going to letting go of her pair of tickets, and.. I purchased them from her, after asking J if he wanted to come along with me too 😀

And so, 8th June rolled by with me being incredibly excited for the concert, and J caught onto my excitement as the concert went on, with the electric atmosphere and familiar hits 😀

Inflatable clappers (which we didn’t use eventually ’cause we bought a couple of lightsticks each)

We entered the auditorium around 730pm, to escape the worst of the crowds. Oh, and where this photo was taken was not where we actually sat in the end, because we realized that we got the wrong positions, and that ours were actually further toward the left.. Not complaining, because we actually got a pretty good view of the stage! 😀

Sea of pink, when his concert was going to start in a few minutes’ time

The King of Mandopop!! 😀

As usual, Jay Chou’s concert will have the piano segment where he shows off his chops (Y)


Repertoire for the night: 惊叹号, 龙拳,  最后的战役 (if I didn’t remember wrongly, ’cause I know the song was sung in the earlier half of the concert, but I can’t remember exactly which part of the concert it was), 天台, 一路向北, 不能说的秘密, 双截棍, 明明就, 世界末日, 安静, 公公偏头痛, 红尘客栈, 青花瓷, 大笨钟, 彩虹+轨迹+牛仔很忙+星晴+回到过去 (guitar medley), 晴天, 手语, 开不了口, 乌克丽丽, 稻香, 阳光宅男. 完美主义  and Mine Mine were sung too, but  I can’t remember the exact part of the concert it was sung at.

Suffice it to say that his older songs are the ones majority of the audience would relate to really well (hey, after all, most of us who’ve been long-time fans would be much more familiar with the older album hits!) ;D When it came to 一路向北, J’s expression immediately became 1 of sheer excitement! 世界末日, 安静, 晴天 and 开不了口 were the biggest favorites (my personal opinion!), and in a way I’d reckon that these old classics effectively launched the entire audience into karaoke mode. 😀

Indeed, it was a walk down memory lane for both of us, even though J isn’t really that big a fan of Jay Chou initially. The classics were what made us remember the concert so fondly 🙂
Needless to say, we hope that Jay Chou will come back to Singapore again for a concert! And that if we’re lucky, to be able to get better seats and better still, tickets for the consecutive nights of his performance! #hardcore

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