19 Jul

Here marks the time of graduation.. I’m actually pretty bummed out over the fact that I finish my undergrad studies this year, but have to wait 1 WHOLE YEAR for my own commencement ceremony 😦 The feeling when I see Cherie, Liying, and my other UB friends graduate this year makes me feel so envious of them too.

Nonetheless, I was so happy and proud to see my 2 closest friends graduate, to see them in their grad gowns.. For Cherie it’s been 6 years, Liying for nearly 2 years. But they’ve grown to be the girls that I hold so dear to my heart.

It also meant that I had to shuttle from piano lesson in the morning, to the florist at JEM (and West Mall when JEM failed me), to NUS, then to SIM. That was beyond crazy especially because I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before, but it was worth it to stay up late to do up congratulatory cards for all the graduates (:

iying and I played around with the photobooth for a bit while waiting for Cherie to come out from the hall heh.

Best friend of 6 years and counting 😀 The one who has been here throughout since JC days, the fellow sister-in-Christ, the friend whom I can talk about anything and everything with ❤

With the girls who are the closest ever to me, the ones who know me and have seen me through a lot of good and bad times ❤ Cheers for the years of friendship, and for many more to come in future! 😀

With Liying, my fellow Starbucks-study buddy and cafe-hopping buddy too 😀 Cheers for the friendship too!


Part of Lepak Club after the ceremony! CQL, Cherry, Jeena and Ben Loo heh.

Loretta, my fellow hardcore Jay Chou fan 😀

Billy, PsychSoc president and fellow course mate (:

Pretty Pearlynne 😀 Congrats on graduating with first class honors!!

Lepak Club guys – Alwyn, Ben, CQL.. with their broccoli bouquet from Kat hahahahahhaha.

Most of Lepak Club! 🙂 Ben, Syazwan, Cynthia, Alwyn, Miss Letchimi, Kat, CQL and Zee (:

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