Out with the horses!

23 Jul

So Jem and myself wanted to try our luck and see horses at Turf Club last Saturday night, but by the time we reached there it was nearly 8pm, and needless to say the horses were back in their stables for the night already. But at least we did catch a glimpse of 2 beautiful ones though, from the gates! (:

Because of that failed mission, he wanted to go back there again the next day to see the horses again, before we went to join my family for buffet dinner at Buffet Town. And this time round, we actually got to see the horses, 1 pony and 1 donkey there too πŸ˜€

Carrot feeding is available for $2 per packet of cut-up carrots, but the experience we had in feeding the horse and donkey was priceless πŸ™‚ Especially how the horse slobbered all over my hand when I fed it with the carrot (in part because he’d drunk some water earlier). Kind of gross in honesty, because I’m quite particular about cleanliness in general. But heck, the experience is a good one, especially in future, when I also want to go to a farm and milk cows, shear sheep..

Hahahahahahaha with the ass (donkey I mean!)


‘I like this one, because my tummy looks smaller here.’ Hahahahahahahaaaahaha.
But on a side note, I also like this shot too! πŸ˜€

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Never, ever cup your hand when you feed a horse. The biggest rule of thumb when it comes to horse feeding is to make sure that your palm is held out completely flat when you do so.



In general, horses are very gentle creatures, despite their size. I daresay that they’re even more gentle than certain dog breeds. Another rule of thumb when touching/petting the horse: NEVER pet them at their rear ends. They’re likely to kick you if you do that.

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