Cafe Chronicles: Orange Thimble

30 Jul

It was the season of post-graduation for most of the NUS and SIM-UB people, and soon-to-grad season for NTU and SMU at that time.

I had to skip class to sign my contract for full-time work, all the way at Mountbatten. Not exactly fun to travel such a distance, but then again, I’ve many friends who take so long to travel to school because they stay in the eastern part of Singapore, so I shall just shut up and not whine about it.

Post-contract signing, it was the knowledge of having secured full-time work at last that made me feel a great sense of relief and accomplishment. Day before contract signing saw me texting Li Ying to ask whether she wanted to meet up for a coffee around Tiong Bahru area after she finished her job interview around the area. She was definitely on for it, so Orange Thimble was where we headed to!

photo (54)
Mocha – $4.50

Confession: I fall in love with coffee art easily. I emphasize: VERY EASILY. 🙂
The old school icing biscuits were a nice touch to the mocha!

photo (55)
Li Ying’s Miss Portabella – $7.50

She reckoned that this was good, and value for money considering its size.

Orange Thimble is 1 of a number of cafes in the Tiong Bahru area. Once considered sleepy and perhaps, rundown and in my honest opinion, meant for the older folks in general. But now it’s becoming a pretty good haunt for cafes, and the famous Tiong Bahru Bakery (:

The place is good for chilling out, and somehow its interior looks like the wall wasn’t properly painted. In fact, it’s actually meant to look this way, for the quaint touch and feel. (See below picture to get my point!)

My fellow cafe-hopping buddy! (:

Oh, and their service was pretty good too! The waiter even very considerately turned on the light to get a better picture, even though I didn’t really think it was necessary to do so (:

The Orange Thimble
56 Eng Hoon Street
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11am-9pm (Closed on Mondays) 


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