Hello, Awesome August.

01 Aug

Why does time fly so fast.

As I bid farewell to July, it just suddenly hit me that I’m already in my last week of school, EVER. And as I’m typing this, it’s also my last class EVER.

The thought about actually turning in my last exam next week is just so, so surreal.

This time round, it’s a whole new beginning after finishing a major phase of life.


On a side note, Jem and myself had a very simple dinner together at West Coast last night (fish soup is awesome if you want to eat clean!!), near Tanglin Sec (his secondary school). It was 1 of the shorter date nights we had out together, because he had to do some stuff for his work later in the night, so we kept it short and simple. He shared some stuff with me last night, and we both came to the conclusion that we, as a couple, are extremely fortunate – in the sense that we don’t have to deal with complicated family issues which could greatly influence love life.

It was a short time we had together, but yet a truly memorable night, as we walked down to Tanglin Sec and started singing Jay Chou songs together along the way.

It really isn’t about fancy dinners, expensive gifts and whatnot. The company is really what makes the biggest difference. (:

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