Of turning older.

08 Aug

So the 2nd digit of my age (thankfully not the 1st digit.. YET) has increased by another 1.

My cousin Gary told me this on my 20th birthday: When you hit 20, the years will start to fly. And my initial reaction was “Wah I just turned 20 and you’re telling me this!?”

Fast forward to a few years later, I’m feeling it already. He said it so right, that the 20s will fly. It feels as though it was only yesterday that I stepped into uni.. And now I’ve graduated already (albeit unofficially).

But nonetheless, as I turn yet another year older (and hopefully wiser), I’m really thankful for the people that I hold near and dear to me 🙂

It really means the world to me when the people I love, love me in return. (:


So my last exam of my whole undergrad life happened to be on my birthday too.. OH WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS TO ME SIM!?
Nonetheless, after turning in my last exam, Jem came to pick me up from school, drove down to Marina Bay for a walk and to take some photos, since he brought his mini DSLR with him too 🙂 Dinnertime rolled by and with me asking him repeatedly where dinner was, he just gave his funny poker face as we drove back west.. only to find that he made a reservation at Spruce (Bukit Timah Fire Station)!!

Tapas! Pork pinchos and squid skewers.. The squid has the roasted taste that I really love! 🙂 (2 for $20 / 3 for $28)

My mushroom risotto, served with porcini mushroom and truffle hen egg. I know this doesn’t look very appetizing, and is very unphotogenic.. but trust me, it tastes better than it looks! Thankful that my debut experience with risotto was a good one! ($22)

Jem’s Roasted ‘Pullet’ Chicken – Broccolini, desiree mashed potato in rosemary veloute ($23). So. Damn. Good. The chicken was really tender too!

He actually put the hazelnut cake in Spruce way in advance before picking me up at school, because this was what the male server brought out to me at the end of the meal :’) And the slightly embarrassing moment was when he and Jem sang the birthday song for me, his voice echoed through the place (partly because the space itself is somewhat echo-y), and at the end of the song, the whole restaurant clapped. HAHA I think I will never get used to being the centre of attention frequently.

Fat face.. 😦 Time to slough off the fats and shape up. HARDCORE.


Thanks for everything.. You’re awesome in so many ways imaginable :’)

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