Fitness, and of doing something different.

17 Aug

I don’t want this blog to revolve around just my entire life, because I think it’d be really narcissistic if that were the case.. And yes, I know that there’re people who make their blogs revolve completely around their lives too.

So I signed up for Muay Thai (free trial, as mentioned in the previous post). Since J and I were talking about doing something different, and most especially, staying fit. I swear going on holiday, even for 3 days 2 nights, really makes one pile on the weight!! It’s really annoying, especially since I’m not the kind of person who has high metabolism.

It really got me thinking, that fitness really is now becoming a very important aspect in life. That it’s better to start off when young, obviously. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when one gets older, that’s when all the health problems will set in too.

The thought about fitness really hit me when I finished my medical checkup, which I had to go for it, for work purposes. I was a bit worried that my heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol level would be high, considering that I didn’t eat healthy then.. Believe me when I say that I cafe-hop a lot, and indulge. I really love my food – I think it’s something that everyone who knows me can safely say.
My results turned out normal, thankfully. In part because I’m young and my vitality is all good. But it was there and then that I realized how truly important being fit and healthy is. I really don’t want to end up being bugged down by health problems and whatnot when I get older, just as how I’m sure no one wants that case too.

Which was why after coming back from Bintan, we resolved to lose weight together. Being bogged down with extra kilos is definitely not a good thing.

Why I wanted to do something different: Simply because I was being encouraged to by J. And also, how often do I get this kind of free time, for such an extended period? It really ought to be put to good to use.

I hope Muay Thai will be a sport that I can do too, in addition to long-distance running and Insanity Workout.

Oh, Insanity Workout is as insane as its name suggests. Try doing just the fit test and the plyometric cardio circuit and you’d know what I mean.

Fitness also equals looking much better, so that’s something we all should look towards, isn’t it?

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