Travelogue #2: Bintan!

17 Aug

Island life, love it!

Remember that old jingle from an old advert (which I suddenly can’t recall)?

Bintan was awesomely fun, even though the resort wasn’t what I expected.. I think a part of me was expecting a villa of some sort. Ha, the things you subconsciously expect when you surf too much roomporn on Reddit!

However, the rustic feel of the resort made me fall in love with it totally, especially when we set foot on the beach for the first time there (: We ate a lot, snorkeled (which kinda failed because the waters were murky and the snorkels were somewhat faulty), drank coconut water from really big and fresh coconuts, collected seashells, found 3 hermit crabs!! And had an awesome spa experience too. Therapeutic didn’t even begin to describe it. 😀 In part, it was my birthday trip, and being spoiled in a way makes me happy.. Though of course I can’t be overly spoiled as I’d really hate that side of me if it ever pops up! 1b5dbe5794d4a10220607b26bcd7101e Mal9Bjm5fqrwYcjhY7fpKCF_6DixLotOHhFoLCVayHo He insisted on checking the pool out first before our food came. Oh in case you’re wondering, the sandwiches, burger and nuggets were from the resort’s bistro (where we also had our complimentary breakfasts). And the bistro is right next to the swimming pool! ^^ fzMh9VS1y7j9-xg5o-faFprFcbje1l9MlZgud4Ta5YY Happy face! (: NOzG8G1YHjXtaoKy7J1X4gnb4gnyXfE9yf2VB_4_e94 Ky3oFITRA4RFVCAQauakim7QUCTLw6KYsXy4ELD4ZtA btphyMNDS9e5caIAq5MbUhDE7Z7whRuelyKghQ6O3kk When on holiday, screw the diet. Above foods were what myself and Jem had once we checked into Bintan Agro Beach Resort. We love the nuggets and their chilli sauce! There’s just something about Indonesian chilli sauce that’s different from Singapore’s one (read: more spicy), but oh-so-good too. We even bought a bottle of chilli sauce each from their convenience store before we came back to Singapore, to try out for cooking! 8DUUqCGoKrtfKC1w8Aq0rZN0KJAIZnKT4R3v48s3fLE 1960s vintage Holden. There were a few of these vintage cars around in the resort, which we fell in love with for its old school charm. Everything about this place oozed island and golden oldie charm. 8bfc00faec01d767652b0a8c743fcca3 I must emphasize that the resort bar’s mee goreng was SO. DAMN. GOOD. As I’m typing this, I feel my stomach growling and craving it. 0ecb339b24429f975cdd2ef3da39bdb3 Coconut drinks! Trust me when I say that they were really good! Even Jem who doesn’t really like coconut in general reckoned that this was good! LZ-CFs5fGmr5JBlNGWt34Vqx-Wte1inlKFPggLPKRXs Waking up to this view in the morning.. No matter how many times you wake up to the sunrise, it’s never enough. I never fail to be captivated by the beauty of Mother Nature, especially when I’m on holiday. AcMZjgmhzxHHkUcLiDE9IbIZ8kMtyWA3aLy5UVl9XNE xoKTqM-Ctfhqlgkdk8RtvukoV8b_HNam54eHg4rcajM jQuS1WmejaHvlhO7grVmg_tvn-P0jShSfRhAvi0R5tU We found this beauty of a mare (she’s pregnant too, though it can’t really be seen in this photo!) 😀 We definitely had to snap a photo with her, and ride in the horse carriage too! We also fed her with some leaves and she just ate them off our palms too 😀 It was extremely funny to hear her fart, and subsequently do a poop (there’s a bag attached to the carriage and saddle where the poop is deposited), that every time we heard the fart – loud ones at that – both of us as well as the mare’s handler would laugh! WRWBHpagjaIeoi_x1YDXBpOayPiEo_4fwDaZFUFpuiI LqMJ_N0R-OByxeDmrDKaOJ_FFaMCHqaFrEv-UtdI_qo
Snorkeling failed due to murky waters and not-so-good-quality snorkeling equipment, so we were on White Island (or so the locals called it, located further north of the resort where snorkeling takes place) and decided to explore the island in general. So many beautiful seashells, and I collected quite a lot back as well! And who would expect that 1 of the seashells collected would contain a little hermit crab inside! So yep, we found 3 in total, and tried to see if they would fight when placed inside the coconut.. But of course we set them free afterwards!

After the snorkeling/island exploring, we also kayaked (and got a bit sunburnt in the process). We wanted banana boat too but by then it was already nearly 2pm Bintan time, and all sea sports had to cease due to low tide.. So spa treatment it was! So, so therapeutic. 🙂

THTJIKbMSZbPXhTGtGbt4e4tZjeX6leekjD-CuT8je4 xZYvQpPQaVL-XA6_yVD6cQtk7k0M653Z1nujQJ4RuTQ (1) rekVlAhBAg5wU4qXe76UgfApGGRjYjA9Ymk_ZaC0iZI How the resort bar looks at night.. Oh so beautiful. Candlelight dining, and dining under the stars.. My life really felt absolutely complete then too. 2mTF55uCD43xoYMJfHVM3mQCDSG4oNkDAJbncApKc3g Service was really good in this bar.. We ordered a chilli crab to share, and the server came to us with a live crab shortly afterward to ask us if the size of it was decent. I honestly didn’t expect such service at all, even in another country. 2r1B76zaqu191tU2FyYkKMg0MGBxAq0x-S1AWoFwEt8 7JLoXooSa7C8HkOa0QwmUmmdTsLGstJeBbGhfCs5BJM utNYL1OPgpE8A_mUAV5Z4I8RJZ0o0TsKx83dtt_Yv5g Sadly, this grilled beef rib rice meal was a miss.. The beef was too tough! ): 1a45e02885b077a1033c4645dd1466e4 eqYqNBeIuahsxKBVAH0U-1aN2S3P7A7pzf1dV-ALlTo After this photo was taken, 1 of the durian shells slid off the plate and ended up on the table mat HAHAHA. 1 of the seeds spilled out too! That was our fullest, and most fattening dinner ever.. Who’d imagine we’d have chilli crab AND durian at 1 sitting? Not to mention that overall, when converted to SGD, our chilli crab, kangkong, grilled beef rib rice and durian would cost just slightly below $50!! nlogqANO30nOlUhXaQdqjOPcFQ4A1yT7e7V69owZfxA View of the resort, from the bar’s perspective, at night.

qJSD-8RIAg7vKqrBJVIaJ5aMH072YggLT6lNaliiU_Q View of a fishing kelong from the beach. 1373dcca01a511e3a0a822000a1fbd23_7 ac8afba63c4c3628e9f3625a8e9f4a1f
I really couldn’t bear to leave when it was time to check out. If I could, I really would want to be a beach bum.. Except that it’s something that can’t be done all the time!

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