20 Aug

Isn’t it important, that we all need to have direction in life?

Had a rather impromptu meeting with Tab, my favorite cousin earlier for an early dinner at Jem’s Soup Spoon and Koi milk tea before she went off to do her volunteer work and for me, going home.

She mentioned something about how some people have complete lack of direction in life.
It kind of got me thinking somehow, when Tab mentioned it over dinner.


Personally, I also have low tolerance for people who’re like that and worse – I’ve ever encountered someone in a psych mod before who was so irritatingly trying to press his (incorrect) point, even after the lecturer clarified it to be otherwise. Needless to say it earned him rolled eyes and perhaps, people thinking that he’s an annoying ass in the aftermath of THAT incident.
In addition (and I know I’m veering slightly off-course here), a meet-up with another group of my friends a while back saw me talking to 1 of the girls, who mentioned that she felt uncertain about what she wanted to do in life, and was apparently pretty close to giving up her education (read: dropping out of uni) too. Even asking her about future jobs and whatnot drew a blank too, which honestly speaking, really frustrated me, because I really didn’t know how else to talk to her, especially since at this particular point in time/age, even if you’re not graduating yet, it still wouldn’t hurt to give some serious thought into your future career.

In life, we definitely need a sense of direction, to guide us to the best situations/deals/opportunities. If we don’t even have that, how will we proceed on?

It’s the same as not having a captain/leader on board a ship – if you can’t navigate the ship in the ideal direction, you risk the ship running out of fuel in the course of the journey, and the consequences are needless to say, disastrous.

All the more, in times when we need a clear sense of direction, we must look to God for it. To pray for it, and trust that He will lead you the right way. Of course, it’s equally important that you have a rough idea of what you want in life, at the very minimum.

I really must further emphasize that it’s VERY important to have a sense of direction with regards to what you want in life – and not just what others expect of you too. After all the life is yours, all the more you should hold it firmly in your hands and shape your life accordingly too.

Find something you think is meaningful. Find something that you know you will love doing and you will never feel like it’s work again.
No wonder it’s said that if you find something you love doing, everyday will be a day of play. (Okay I know I probably haven’t gotten the quote right – but I’m pretty sure most of you out there who read this would know what I’m getting at!) The more you do something meaningful, the more likely you’d find your sense of direction from there, and the rest, as they say, will be history.

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