Drury Lane + Le Chocolat Cafe

21 Aug

Li Ying said she wanted to meet up with me for dinner to celebrate my birthday belated, because during my birthday week I had my final undergrad exam, music diploma exam and Bintan trip, so the following week was really a better time to celebrate.

So I suggested Drury Lane, because the prices of the food seemed pretty reasonable for a cafe, and that her workplace is in central area. Needless to say she readily agreed due to the prices of the food!


The layout of the place is really unpretentious and quiet, and we both fell in love with it for its serenity. In part it might have been because it was Thursday night when we patronized it, hence the human rush was literally a trickle then.

We sat on the upper deck, and there was only a group of 4 guys up there having dinner in addition to us.

20130821-115700.jpg My prawn aglio olio ($14)

20130821-115814.jpgLi Ying’s grilled beef pasta ($14)

Those were on the specials menu, so we decided to stick to it as it seemed pretty good. Overall pastas were not bad, I’d want to come back for their muffins and coffees next time since it’s apparently what they’re more known for.
Had a chat with 1 of the bosses of the store afterward, and he shared with us their idea of ‘pay as you wish’ muffins – it was meant to draw in the crowds since after all, the cafe has been in operation for only a month or so to date, and this measure worked pretty well, considering that the muffins were completely wiped out by the time we reached the cafe. 🙂

Drury Lane Cafe
94 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088515
Monday, Wednesday-Friday 0830-2100
Weekends 1000-1800

We didn’t feel full after dinner, so I suggested rainbow cake, since I suddenly had the urge to try it. Yes I was a noobit, I really never tried it before in my life.

Hopped over to Le Chocolat Cafe for it, as it was the only place that I know of within the area that has rainbow cake!

20130821-120314.jpgBehold, the beauty of the rainbow cake! Always a hit when you take a photo of these kind of cakes and post them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram 🙂

In honesty I didn’t find the cake that fantastic, as it was too sweet for both of us at the end.. Thank God we ordered only 1 to share!

Not my best experience because I found the cake too sweet.. Anyone knows of places that have good rainbow cakes? Please do share! 🙂
Le Chocolat Cafe
The Club Hotel, 28 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069708
Open 0800-2200 daily

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