22 Aug

I actually felt the blues really bad today, with no thanks to being a woman.. Darn PMS. >< But still, I guess I could combat that negative feeling by doing some positive stuff – at least it can make me smile a bit more.


Cherie’s finally back in town after being away for a month, and this definitely meant a good catch-up session between the 2 of us! (:

Would have asked Shi Hui along too, but our busy-bee friend is now incredibly busy with teaching in a primary school and hence free time is severely limited on her end.. But at least we managed to organize a meet-up for dinner tomorrow night to catch up and chill!

I can’t blog everyday, obviously – I do have a life offline too.

But a part of me just wants to dedicate a part of my space here to express how incredibly grateful and thankful I am, for friends like them in my life. 6 years is a long time.. And I hope we can stick by each other no matter what life throws at us, or where life takes us to. And also, give thanks to Him for guiding me through life with these people whom I hold near and dear to me πŸ™‚

Cherie πŸ˜€

This is the most recent photo of the 3 of us, which unfortunately was almost a year ago.

They say that friends come and go. It’s true, because it’s life. But for these girls, I pray they’re here to stay. πŸ™‚


Another friend that I should always mention is Li Ying, whom I also pray is here to stay too.

I knew her via Cherie, because I always used to crash NUS to find Cherie in between classes, or whenever we could find common end timings within our timetables. It was through Cherie that I got to know Li Ying, and it’s now become a friendship that I cherish because she’s a very nice person, my fellow cafe-hopping buddy, 1 of few friends that I can actually share a lot with, in addition to Cherie and Shi Hui πŸ™‚


I know I’ve posted these photos before, but they really are the nicer ones of us that I have. Yes, I’m anal that way about the way we look in photos!

For you girls, cheers for the years of friendship, and may there be many more years ahead in future! ❀


For the best cousins I could ever have, Sabrina and Tabitha πŸ™‚

We grew up together, shared a lot of crazy moments, got stressed together whenever we went through the A Level stages in consecutive order – Sabby, myself and finally Tabs, fretted about the crazy loads of deadlines+assignments+revision for finals in uni, laughed at the memories of our JC days, ate too much together.. It’s something like sisters with different mothers (literally).


For my family too, for grounding me in my character and the outlook of life, I love you all. No photos of the family because we hardly take family photos together in general! :\


And last (and most important of all), Jeremy.

For the man whom I love with my whole being, the one who understands the core of my character and soul, whom I can share everything with, doing crazy/fun/inane things, talking about serious issues like the future, work/career, playing the piano together, appreciating the finer aspects of music, and many more.. This is dedicated to you, for being absolutely awesome, and you’re amazing just the way you are *cue Bruno Mars ‘Just The Way You Are’ HAHA I know this last part is incredibly cheesy.

May you all be here to stay.

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