Travels and wanderlust.

17 Sep

In 4 days’ time, it’s finally my turn to hop onto an airplane with J! Absolutely stoked for the trip to Gold Coast, and for the lifestyle, the beach, the exploring of new streets, the rollercoasters, the steaks/seafood.. And basically just give ourselves a breather, before J gets back to his work routine and before I officially start work in October.

Over the years, I realized that travelling is such an experience – it’s totally different from seeing the world via pictures. It’s precisely because I see many travelogue pictures that makes me long to escape the craziness of Singapore, and to see different parts of the world.

Also, a tiny part of me regrets not going for exchange during my own uni days, because to actually do so would be really expensive for my family 😦 but heck, at least once work starts, the income will come in and saving up for holidays would be much easier!

When wanderlust strikes, it strikes really hard. I remember seeing this particular quote awhile back, that the best time to travel would be when you’re in your early 20s. It struck me hard, and I realized how true it is, especially when we consider the process of life as age creeps by. Once you hit a certain age (ie 30s), it wouldn’t be as easy as you think to go on holiday any time you want – especially if you’ve a family to look after too by then. Not to mention that careers usually peak at that point in time. Not that it’s impossible to go on holiday though, of course – it’s just that it’s more difficult due to more responsibilities.

The places that I want to see at least once in a lifetime are many. Trust me, many. I could list a few here but the list honestly would just be endless.

I’m a sucker for beach holidays, because I love the serenity of the beach/sea/ocean. In part it’s a good thing we’re headed to Gold Coast because there’s the aspect of both the beach and the ‘village’ feel (please excuse my choice of word for ‘village’ because I really don’t know how else to describe it – hardly anyone would describe Gold Coast as a city right?).

If there’s a place for beach holidays that I would definitely want to go to, it would definitely be the Maldives.

Just look at the extreme clarity of the sea and the pristine beaches!! It’s so beautiful, that I can’t even begin to comprehend the beauty of it all.. No words can sufficiently describe its beauty, and even I reckon that the word ‘beautiful’ doesn’t do Maldives any justice,

Hitting Europe, Taiwan, Japan, US are also on my list.. But the first thing that has to be taken into consideration is definitely finances.

To quench my wanderlust, it’s also necessary to work hard. But I know it’ll be worth it.

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