Reminiscing Gold Coast.

30 Sep

I’m alternating between resizing my Gold Coast photos (to save space in my thumbdrive) and keeping updated with social media at this present moment.

It actually is a damn good feeling when I couldn’t get much wifi and hence, not finding the need to check on my phone so regularly. It somehow does give me a sense of being free, and not having to worry about much when out of Singapore.

I miss everything about Gold Coast now.. And it makes me want to explore the rest of Australia, even though I’m aware of racism issues in certain parts of Aussie.

I’m so thankful that we did our trip free and easy, because it made the trip so much more enjoyable. Being able to explore the area freely without being held back in a tour group is something that I highly recommend.

Granted, I know that some people prefer traveling in tour groups because to them, they might find it easier and since they don’t have to do much planning, it’s much less of a hassle. But in my very humble and honest opinion, I always feel that going on a holiday free and easy is way better, because it’s the time when you can explore and know more about the place yourself, find out what’s fun to do, what’s good to eat, what are the interesting things to check out.. And the list goes on.

The only time I think a tour group is good is when you’re going to a country where you can’t speak their language well, in part due to possible safety issues and to prevent possible conflicts/misunderstandings too.

Everything about Gold Coast was so enjoyable that at some points in time during the trip, we were both awed beyond belief at what we saw, learnt much about their history, screamed like crazy during the roller coaster rides, ate way too many steaks/ribs/seafood.. I have so many photos in my phone right now as majority of them were snapped with my phone – I got lazy to bring the camera out with me because it proved to be a bit of a hassle, especially when at the theme parks.

My aim was to finish resizing the photos by tonight, but it looks like it’ll be mission unaccomplished because I lost my voice when I was on the plane back home, and came down with chest congestion the next day due to insufficient fluids and too much food that made me heaty 😦 And cough meds are starting to make me woozy.. So I guess it’ll be by tomorrow that I can finish resizing them.

And I miss Gold Coast terribly right now too. The coolness of the climate despite the temperature being 29C on some mornings, the yummy food – there really wasn’t a day that we didn’t eat well! And the list could just go on.

I don’t know who else is reading this, but if you do, thanks for stopping by (: And I’d try to keep this page up and running with occasional photo updates!

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