The working life muses.

28 Oct

So it’s been a week since I started work, and I’m glad to say that I’m really enjoying my journey so far.

I learn new stuff everyday, like knowing the various character traits of the children that I see everyday (and will see for at least the next few years down the road), observing how to do classroom control. what are the special needs of the children and the organization.. Basically the list goes on.

For those who’re wondering what exactly I’m doing, I’m in early childhood. I don’t want to disclose the company name that I’m working at because of privacy reasons, and also because I don’t see the need to broadcast to the whole wide world where I’m working at – some stuff is really best left under wraps! And most importantly, the main point is that I enjoy whatever I do, and am willing enough to get up at the most ungodly times ever – which is something that I’d need to do sooner or later.

In a way, I think the bad thing about work is that I’m completely tired when I get home, and I feel even more physically tired if I meet up with friends/J after work. I love the social life out of work hours, obviously.. But somehow my body just doesn’t seem to agree with my state of mind the last few days. Let’s hope that eating healthier and attempting to sleep earlier can solve this problem.

I honestly don’t like to feel like I was completely run over. Not to mention that sometimes I feel like death when I get up due to insufficient sleep. I really don’t learn my lesson.. Sleeping late when you know you’ve to wake up early the next day is a recipe for feeling like you want to marry your bed. The worst thing about it is that this habit has been with me for as long as I can remember. Telling yourself to sleep early, but eventually you end up sleeping way past 12AM.

Other than that, I’m really thankful to God for His grace in guiding me through the starting work week. And also, for J, my friends and family for being supportive of my choice of career, because it really isn’t an easy journey that I’m embarking on, financially wise, But to me, finances are important, but not as important as doing what I truly love.

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