Kick back.

18 Nov

Working life is never easy.

Not that I don’t like work, of course. In fact, for my field of work at present, it’s one where I look forward to going to work everyday, because I love my kiddos 🙂 I’m actually very thankful that I’m in a very good company, where I’ve much to learn and explore. Not to mention that my grades in uni weren’t exactly stellar. I’m just immensely blessed by this opportunity that came my way, to prove that I CAN do something that I love, and be reasonably remunerated for it too. Who says that you can’t mix work and play? 🙂

However, no matter how much you love work, there’s also the need to kick back and chill as well, over the weekends.

So much so that after church, Jem and myself were at Tiong Bahru area. He initially suggested Tiong Bahru Bakery, but en route we walked past a random bak chor mee stall and we thought it looked so good.. So yes, we stopped for them instead. And the meepok noodles were so springy and good! 😀

We wanted dessert, and something chocolatey at that.. I initially wanted molten chocolate lava cake, but couldn’t find any around that area. I guess PS Cafe would definitely have it, but in the end we walked past Flock Cafe, and we decided to stop in to have a look at their array of desserts/cakes, and decided to make ourselves comfy 🙂

My latte, at $5 🙂

Jem had the flat white, and we shared a nice thick slab of chocolate cake. Always nice to sit in a cafe on a rainy Sunday and just relax!

Didn’t take a photo of the chocolate cake, but I must say it’s 1 of the better chocolate cakes I’ve tasted so far – it was simple and unpretentious in design, and the taste is pretty straightforward too. Bam, chocolate, there you go, as simple as that!

In a way, this kick back was a great comfort for us, to prep us for the subsequent work week ahead.. Good to do this once in a while – if cafe hopping is done too often, it loses its novelty!

What really counts is the company that I have (majority of the time that is). 🙂 Sometimes, the simplest joys in life make it so much more meaningful. You don’t need too many elaborate moments – simplicity works wonders. Or at least it does for me because I’m that type of person who prefers minimalist styles and (I think) I’m not very high-maintenance.


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