Leap of faith.

24 Nov

I think to an extent, everyone in life is scared of changes. Who isn’t?

I honestly wouldn’t believe it if someone were to tell me that they weren’t scared of the unknown, because it’s just not believable. And in fact I think it’s abnormal when one says that (s)he is not scared of the unknown/future. Because if someone can’t feel fear, then you’re (in my honest opinion) rather unfeeling.

Sometimes the changes that come our way (especially the unexpected ones) can be frightening, and at mild cases, it’s stressful.

Physically/Psychologically, when changes occur, the first reaction that the body has would be stress. In certain amounts at times, it’s fine – especially when the stress helps you see things from a different perspective and changes your views for the better. But if it’s chronic (long-term), then it’s something serious that you need to be kept on high alert because chronic stress is a factor in many illnesses/diseases like chronic heart disease, stroke etc.

I admit I’m scared of the future, to an extent. But if I don’t take this leap of faith, I might live to regret it in future. Especially in a highly fast-paced society like Singapore. Sometimes I feel that the level of stress is too high in here. Too many people are oriented on academic grades, material wants, high-paying jobs.. Oh the list could really go on.

It really is time to seriously think about what I want, and what we want for the future.. Reflect over what has happened, think of the next step.. And take that leap of faith.

Leaps of faith are never easy. But sometimes it has to be done, for the ones that we love; our sanity; our future.


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