Sick blues.

03 Dec

It honestly sucks crap to be sick.

Oh, and before I forget, hello December! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! 😀

Okay, I was trying to be perky, in spite of the fact that I actually am still sick. Been sick since last Wednesday and it honestly sucks, especially because I’m still on probation for my job. I really didn’t want to apply for MC (no paid leave because of probation), because I miss my kids easily. But do I really have a choice when my temperature shoots up to 39 degrees? 😦

Not to mention that once my fever is gone, what follows afterward is the coughing. I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve been eating chicken, even though it’s not advisable when I’m sick. The boyfriend admonished me for eating chicken despite being sick, and I feel guilty about it :\

I really need to get well soon. I hate the fact that I’m coughing, and that when I swallow, my throat hurts, and this translates to the insides of my right ear hurting – as though I swallowed a fish bone by accident. The prickling is getting to me, even though I’ve drunk so much water. I honestly feel like a water tank/camel/pail. And drinking so much water also means I need to keep going to the toilet.

Time to sleep. And pray that the worst of the pains will be gone when morning comes. A whole new day of work awaits me. I look forward to work in general, and I love off-hours even more.

And I must say that I’m really blessed to have J, Cherie, Li Ying, Shi Hui, Melissa, the cousins and my family 🙂

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