Christmas blessings.

28 Dec

This year’s Christmas was a blessing, especially because it’s our 2nd Christmas together.

I have much to learn about, and to make myself a stronger person than before because I’m admittedly more susceptible to feeling anxiety and worry compared to other people.

But you’re my greatest blessing. I don’t know how I can really express it, but all I can say is.. Thank you for loving me, even at my darkest and worst moment :’)

Have pigged out way too much during the Christmas, and I’ve since learnt that going for a buffet dinner on Christmas Eve is an absolutely bad idea. The crowd was totally insane and it kind of killed my mood too because I HATE squeezing through queues and crowds. It made me feel very disoriented too and that really wasn’t the way I envisioned spending Christmas Eve! 😦

But nonetheless, other than the bad dinner on Christmas Eve, the rest was good!

CMPB with J, as an early Christmas dinner for the both of us 🙂 And damnnnnnn their food was really good!

IMG_8469 Truffle fries! Best truffle fries that we’ve ever had (in my opinion) – even better than Skinny Pizza! He reckons that there’s an unexplainable feeling when eating truffle fries, but I’m glad he likes it 🙂 IMG_8470
Aglio Olio pasta with spicy Italian sausage – was note bad! The pasta was al dente enough for my liking,   and the sausage was juicy. Only downside was that the pasta was a bit too oily for our liking.IMG_8472 Half and Half pizza: Wagyu beef and mushrooms+Roasted duck and char siew. So. Damn. Good.

This year’s Christmas was slightly different somehow, but still rich in its blessings. 🙂

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