Of dates and salsa.

27 Jan

Work has been making me more physically tired than busy, until the main thing that I want to do when I get home is just sleep. Not to mention that I’m now a lot more prone to getting the flu and sneezes, because I’m in early childhood and most of the kids that I work with don’t remember to cover their mouths when they sneeze/cough (in part because they’re still a tad too young to remember to do so – we’re working on that at least!). How not to fall sick? :\

Falling sick twice in 2 months is not fun.. Not to mention that it’s an expensive affair too 😦

So here’s the general update of what’s been on lately – work, going out with Jeremy, the girls, occasional night out with Tabo for a quick dinner/supper especially now that she’s going to get busy with her thesis.

New Year’s Eve with Jem, at Breeze @ Scarlet Hotel:

IMG_8590 Sangria and Strawberry Margarita 🙂   IMG_8592 ❤


New Year’s Day 2014 at Bukit Timah Saddle Club and Riders’ Cafe: IMG_8601There’s always something comforting about being near horses, despite the fact that their poop is incredibly smelly 🙂IMG_8604   IMG_8605
‘The Usual’ – Yes, that’s really the name of the big breakfast set! IMG_8606 Blackstone Benedict 🙂 

Thumbs up for the food at Riders’ Cafe. It’s really that good! The only catch is that it’s rather inaccessible via public transport – it’ll be an incredibly long walk in, so driving is really the only way to get in. Didn’t get the chance to try their truffle fries though.. that’s an excuse for us to go back there again!

And we’re taking up salsa classes. They’ve been a blast of fun so far, as far as I can say 😀

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