His 28th.

30 Jan

It was actually nearly a week back, but I’ve been too busy to update this space regularly, so this is the rare free times that I can actually sit down and jot down my thoughts – it’s finally CNY eve tonight! 😀

After a filling and really satisfying reunion dinner, I’m now feeling intensely contented and relaxed, with the cold breeze blowing into the house 🙂

It took effort to plan J’s birthday surprises, but I’m glad it all panned out well! His expression was priceless when he saw his best friends (who’ve also become my friends) pop up in front of him at Holland Village on Friday night.

Honestly, it makes me really happy when I see him happy, and I feel even more so when I know that the reason why he’s happy is because of me. 🙂

To sum it up, it was a lot of feasting over that weekend, but it was really worth it, especially because my own surprise for him worked out even better than expected.

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Coffee and cupcakes from Marmalade Pantry, at the stables.. And the cupcakes were really good, albeit expensive for cupcakes! The Hazel (chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut frosting) was heavenly – it was literally the feel of Nutella in the mouth many times over, and incredibly sinful and satisfying. The strawberries and cream one was fruity, not too sweet and packed full of flavor 🙂

Brought him to The Prime Society on Sunday evening after a date with the equines. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, even though I’d done research on many steakhouses before deciding on this place, but I’m glad I chose this place eventually – their steaks were seriously one of the best we’ve both ever had! The staff there really do know their stuff well, and that’s nothing short of an understatement.

79c9666a867b11e3b52812e93a0df672_8Best ribeye I’ve ever had. Enough said!

He ordered his favorite sirloin, and he absolutely loved it 🙂

Happy 28th 🙂


Thank you for loving me. I’m glad you loved every bit of it, and that we’re happy together most of the time. We’re not perfect people, but your quirks are also what make you unique and lovable. 🙂

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