Another start.

02 Feb

I know I’m slightly late, considering that this is day 3 of Chinese New Year, but still, happy horse year everybody (: Just like that, February is here already. Hope everyone enjoyed hongbao collection and all the feasting too!

I feel slightly nervous because tomorrow marks a new start in my career – it’s back to the books for me. Except that this time round it’ll be a lot of projects, assignments, presentations instead of the usual exams.

I confess, I’m the type who prefers studying for exams. Call me nerd, but that’s how I roll. But I know I can handle projects+assignments+presentations okay. It’s all up to me now. I have to do it well to move up the next level in my career.

There’re many challenges up ahead for me as well, and I must admit I’m actually a bit intimidated. I know I can do it, but after all I’m human.

Thank God I have my solaces to turn to when I really feel that I need it. 🙂

And on a brighter note, CNY was really well spent with the loved ones, as well as catching up on my very much-needed sleep too.

In a way, I’m also making an effort to jot down my thoughts here more often because I want to brush up on my writing skills, in attempt for future reports to write and also for other significant purposes (which I will not reveal here because it’s highly personal to me). Keeping fingers crossed for the best!

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