05 Mar

I really haven’t much to blog about of late, to be honest. And it’s March already! Time seems to fly when you’re really busy.

My life has been classes, work, giving piano, tuition, the occasional hanging out with friends and J. And it’s a cycle all over again.

Sometimes I find that it’s getting too mundane. Until recently, I was giving tuition twice a week and piano once a week, in addition to classes and work.

It got to the point that I realized I was burning out, that I had literally no time for myself.

Cutting my tuition to once a week gave me an extra free day for myself, and at the same time I try to have time for my friends. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock the past weeks too, and having totally insufficient sleep for the WHOLE of February doesn’t help to boost my morale too.

I want to sleep, but yet having deadlines to rush isn’t helping. I just need a few more days of sleep where I can wake up at my own timing (no alarms set) and not feel like death.

Even Tabs reckoned I wasn’t as chirpy as usual the last time she met me, on Monday.  Not that anything, but I’m honestly just pretty rundown.

It honestly sucks when you don’t even have time for your own self, much less for your friends. J is an exception – of course we have our moments together! But life is also about having time for yourself and friends, in addition to the significant other and work.

I guess it’s a good thing I’m on leave on Friday. More time on hand for me to finish my assignment, and have my favorite salad from Toss & Turn. I’ve been craving their pasta noodle base for the longest time, and also to sit down in a cafe to finish up my assignment.

I can’t wait for next Monday to pass – when I finally can submit my assignment and catch a breather.


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