When there’s too much on the plate.

10 Mar

Human growth & development assignment (due date 240314). Design & tech individual ePortfolio (due date 190314). D&T group project (due date 260314). Thoughts about recent spate of current affairs. Family time. Jeremy. Close friends (Li Ying, Cherie, Shi Hui). Tab, my most favorite cousin. Thoughts about what the future holds. Career progression concerns. Field practicum. Realization that a short holiday getaway is impossible in June. Incoming load of assignments that are bound to come by with every module. Bruno Mars concert (260314). Tuition and piano lessons. I MUST LOSE WEIGHT. Feeling a sense of panic at what the future holds, and the amount of stuff that needs to be done..

Okay I can do this. 1 step at a time. It ain’t easy but I’m gonna make things work out well.

Confessions of a lady who has a tendency to think too much and excessively worry. Sigh, this has to stop. Or if it comes to a point that I can’t handle too much, something’s gotta take a backseat.

I must get my assignments done by this week.
At least I’m entitled to a retreat to Batam via my company, and I can redeem it in the 2nd half of the year.

I shall just tell myself that this stressful period will pass before I know it.

Thank you for being my rock, throughout everything. You are truly awesome, from the bottom of my heart. I love you. ❤

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