13 May

So this is it, something new for myself.

I ditched my iPhone 4S for an S5 at last, since the battery life for 4S was absolutely crap (can you imagine the battery draining by up to 40% within the space of an hour!?).

And I got a DSLR.

Here’s introducing my new baby – Canon 550D.

Getting it secondhand was really on a whim when I saw that Billy was selling his camera on Facebook. So I just dropped him a message telling him about the intention to buy it to pick up a new hobby to distract myself, and here I am, playing around with this baby.

You can never go wrong with a cuppa.
From outside Wheelock’s Starbucks.
IMG_3025 IMG_3049
This was some cosplay event that I shook my head at, because I really don’t know how to appreciate cosplay.
IMG_3052 IMG_3053 IMG_3054
Here’s introducing Billy! (:
Sigh, evidence of fat face ):
IMG_3084 IMG_3094
Social Haus with Li Ying today, for dinner and to experiment more with this baby.
Tiong Bahru Bakery.
IMG_3106 IMG_3108
Koign Amann – TBB’s signature pastry. Very sweet and buttery, and you could never go wrong with it if you order this – it’s really that good!

In a way, I’m thankful that now I’m taking a module on special needs, as it’s examinable. I prefer to study for exams. Yes, call me weird.
Perhaps it’s also because I’d have days that the class is in the morning only, hence leaving the afternoon free. Here’s to having time to study, and to snap more pictures with this baby! (:

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