21 May

It’s been more than a month, and I guess I’m slowly but surely getting better.

And if anything, investing in a DSLR is by far the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s actually really fun to go around and explore with it, and testing it out in manual mode rather than auto because it’s interesting that way.

There’re many more things that I want and need to do with the DSLR, some of which include taking photos of people in different perspectives (be it candid or posed), and night landscape.

It’s something that I hope will not be a heat-of-the-moment thing.

Never in my life have I been so inspired, and somehow I wish I had picked it up earlier. But still, never too late I guess.

I really love roomporn. It must be due to too much of Reddit-ing roomporn. Which kind of inspired me to do interior shots, and hopefully capture them in warmer, comforting lights. And get an idea of how I want to furnish my own future home haha.
IMG_3125 IMG_3133
Candy, anybody?
Fine-dining perspective.
IMG_3154 IMG_3156 IMG_3157
Fusion of the traditional and modern.
IMG_3159 IMG_3163 IMG_3166 IMG_3172 IMG_3180

I need to learn how to capture night sceneries, and find the time to do so. But it seems like the only time I can do so will only be on weekends, and on the rare weekday that I have no class/work (which will not be possible for most of June sigh).

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