04 Jun

The piano solo, the drums, the trumpet solo that gives the Mexican/Spanish vibe, the guitar riffs that are reminiscent of Superband *inserts lovey eye emoticon*

Bruno Mars’ Radio 1 2013 live performance – mindblown, as always, when it comes to his music.

I’ve always been inspired by music, because I’ve been learning it since I was really young.

Fact: I didn’t start talking until I was age 5, so my mum sent me for piano lessons because she heard that it might help in getting me out of my shell.

It might seem funny, but for me music came very naturally to me, I don’t have memory of having problems with playing. But I didn’t like theory, especially when it came to composition. And I don’t have perfect pitch either – sometimes when I sing I think I sound like a gramophone running flat -_- And music background definitely helped me a lot when I was in band for my entire Commonwealth and JJ days.

But I never knew I’d reach the point that I’d get so inspired by music, that I can feel emotions so strong and play them out on piano with minimal difficulty.
Not that I’m bragging, but somehow when music gets to a point that you feel this way, much wonders can be achieved. I actually managed to play Young Girls on piano when previously I didn’t know how to do so, despite knowing what key it was in. I guess listening to it frequently helped too?

Listening to Bruno Mars’ music never fails to make me marvel. I know I must sound really fan-girlish, but to me personally, I think he’s really very talented. The fact that he doesn’t use elaborate props for his concerts and live performances is a tremendous plus. All he has is the Hooligans, his vocals+guitar+drumming skills and good lighting effects and he’s good to go. It’s something I could watch over and over again, but never get sick of. 🙂

Never would I have imagined that music and photography would inspire me to try out different artistic forms, despite the fact that I’m not really creative. In fact I actually gravitate more toward music because it’s something that I’ve been exposed to since I was very young. But photography is something that I recently picked up, and I’ve no regrets because it’s fun to go around Singapore and explore new places, and capture moments 🙂

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