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04 Jul

For some reason I was led to listen to 周华健’s songs today.

Not many people know this fact, but I grew up listening to his songs as a young girl. Yes, even before I started listening to Jay Chou.
I even went for his concert when he came to Singapore in 1997 (if I didn’t remember wrongly – I only remember I was in primary school then), and I really loved it. It’s a vague memory now, but I still remember that he belted out a lot of old favorites, and that his concert was the very first concert that I’d attend in my life.

This song has been on replay now, and the MV itself suddenly stirred up this thought in me – is it possible for a guy and girl who’ve known each other for years to remain platonic friends? Or in the case of this MV, 1 girl and 2 guys to remain as friends without 1 or both guys developing feelings for the girl?

Personally for me, platonic friendships between guys and girls are possible. It’s a matter of boundaries being established isn’t it? Even for me, I have my fair share of male friends and I also have a male friend whom I’ve known since my JC days and we’re purely platonic friends. Plus being in a relationship now, it’s also doubly important to make boundaries clear.

It’s actually a good thing for guys and girls to have platonic friendships, because it’s always interesting to see things from the other gender’s point of view. It’s pretty boring if your friends are just of 1 gender – how will you find your significant other that way if you don’t have friends of the opposite gender? 🙂

Okay back to watching France and Germany – quarter finals are on now! GO TEAM DEUTSCHLAND!

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