Team Deutschland! (and of the heartwarming moments in World Cup 2014)

10 Jul

The whole world buzzed like crazy on social media, and even more so in Brazil itself, when Brazil lost to Germany in the semi-finals on Tuesday morning with an eyebrow-raising and jaw-dropping score of 7-1.

I’m on the side of Germany, simply because their performance has been nothing short of spectacular and on form ever since the start of the tournament, when they won Portugal 4-0 in the group stages. I mean, having large score margins in the Premier League are fairly common, but it usually doesn’t happen that frequently in World Cup tournaments.

This time round, shocking upsets doesn’t even begin to describe the tournament of late. Costa Rica as the dark horse before losing to Netherlands in the quarter-finals), Spain (being the champ in 2010) crashing out in the group stages after losing 5-1 to Netherlands in the first game of their group stages, the host country losing so humiliatingly to Germany, Netherlands drawing with Argentina after extra time this morning only to lose 4-2 in penalty shootout thanks to them missing the 1st and 3rd penalty..

Honestly speaking, while I didn’t follow World Cup very closely mainly due to working life, the exciting matches were the ones I’d still stay up to watch, especially those with Germany involved. And sad to say Brazil underperformed this year 😦

This image went viral while the Brazil-Germany game was ongoing, more toward the 2nd half on. It’s heartbreaking to see this old Brazilian chap looking so forlorn and teary-eyed upon seeing his home country losing so devastatingly.. But when he gave his World Cup trophy replica to a German fan, it really touched me, as well as many hearts around the world. Faith in humanity restored, as well as true sportsmanship in the face of such a humiliating defeat :’) He was quoted as saying “Take it to the final! As you can see, it is not easy, but you deserve it, congratulations.”

How heartwarming, and yet heartbreaking at the same time. What are the emotions he must be feeling as he gave away his beloved replica trophy 😥

Here’s the background story of this old chap, and how comforting it is that at least his age is still fairly young enough to make a few more World Cup trips to support Brazil, assuming that his health holds up.


That aside, now that it’s a Germany-Argentina final, I hope Germany wins simply because they’ve been so damn good from the start. And that their jersey is nice. Okay I know that’s a very bimbotic moment!


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