Graduation, and the closing of the official school life chapter.

28 Jul

18th July 2014. The day I officially put on the mortar board, the day I donned the black graduation gown and hood and walked across the stage for a few seconds to mark the end of my school life.

It was a long and tiring day, especially when I had to work the Saturday shift the next day. But it still didn’t stop me from celebrating with Cherie and Li Ying later in the evening, and a subsequent dinner celebration at Five and Dime with J 🙂
IMG_3608 IMG_3612IMG_3613 IMG_3614


IMG_3618 IMG_3624

Family 🙂
Favorite cousin number 1: Sabby! 🙂 Pity Tab couldn’t make it due to her thesis stuff :\
With J, after it all. Particularly love this shot because of the vibrancy in the colors 🙂
Lepak Club girls: Jeena, Cherry and Bev 🙂
The must-have in every graduation: Mortar board throwing!
CQL came back to find us after the ceremony too!
Dr Samuel Wong, the coolest music lecturer I’ve ever had in all my years of education 🙂 He doesn’t even look like a lecturer, much less a PhD holder. But yes, he has it and he doesn’t even look over 30 (but if I’m not wrong he is around that age)!
Wenhui, Bev, CQL and Syazwan after it all 🙂

We did it at last!

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