Graduation photoshoot!

28 Jul

Billy helped Cherie, Li Ying and myself with our photoshoot yesterday morning for most of the day and we were done by late afternoon. In fact, the original plan was to go to Marina Barrage for the photoshoot first before going to NUS and SIM for the remaining part of the shoot.

Just our luck that when we left our places in the morning to head down to marina Barrage, it started to pour. Such bad, bad timing 😦 so we had to make changes and head down to NUS and try our luck at uTown to do our photoshoot. But it turned out better than expected, even though the lighting wasn’t what we expected due to the rain.

Behind the scenes, after Billy had finished shooting with me first in terms of the individual shots 🙂

Sneak preview, after he finished editing some of the photos ^^ Loving it, as well as the vibrant colors! This was grabbed from his Facebook profile.
He has his own portfolio, and it’s worth the check out too 🙂  –

Glad that the girls and him hit if off quite well too, especially since they only knew about him via me, since he was my friend in UB. And we had a blast doing the photoshoot and laughing at each other’s antics and nonsense, and having a good lunch before continuing the shoot 🙂

Looking forward to seeing how the other photos will turn out too!

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