Graduation Photoshoot – The official photos.

02 Aug

Billy sent us the photos from our grad photoshoot, and I must say that they turned out amazing, despite last minute changes due to screwed up weather!

Graduation Photo-5 Graduation Photo-6 Graduation Photo-7

I’m not a selfie person, mainly because I’ve never thought of myself as photogenic. But somehow in this particular shot, Billy captured it perfectly and I think I actually look good here 🙂
Graduation Photo-12 Graduation Photo-13 Graduation Photo-14 Graduation Photo-15 Graduation Photo-16
Cherie always looks so photogenic no matter what 🙂
Graduation Photo-17 Graduation Photo-19
Oh well, the woes of fat arms. Even though in general I think I look okay here!
Graduation Photo-20
Liying’s dancer side 🙂
Graduation Photo-21 Graduation Photo-25
Considering that the weather was so gloomy and rainy in the morning, the way that this photo turned out was way beyond my expectations (not that it was high to start with since we had so little natural sunlight and blue skies). Love this shot!
Graduation Photo-27 Graduation Photo-28
Graduation Photo-29
Happy 3 friends! 😀
Graduation Photo-31 Graduation Photo-35
What happened before this shot: Billy asked us how our characters are like in general, and when he asked who was the serious one, Li Ying and I immediately pointed to Cherie. He then asked who was the fun one was and Cherie and I reckoned it was Li Ying. So obviously the last one would be me, and I explained that I’m the in-the-middle kind of person, but am more inclined towards the serious scale in terms of personality. And this is how the photo turned out eventually ^^
Graduation Photo-36
Hair flying, mortar boards in our hands, shoes off, the victory jump 🙂
Graduation Photo-37
Graduation Photo-38 Graduation Photo-47
Inside uTown’s Starbucks, where we’d use to study together after classes. More of Li Ying and myself doing that though in terms of frequency, though Cherie did join us occasionally too!
Graduation Photo-48 Graduation Photo-49 Graduation Photo-50 Graduation Photo-51 Graduation Photo-52 Graduation Photo-56 Graduation Photo-57 Graduation Photo-59 Graduation Photo-60 Graduation Photo-61
Graduation Photo-62
Fat face moment zzz. Loving the balloons and my graduation buffalo though!
Graduation Photo-63 Graduation Photo-64 Graduation Photo-65 Graduation Photo-66 Graduation Photo-68
Achievement unlocked!
Graduation Photo-75 Graduation Photo-76
With the man behind all the awesome shots – Billy! 😀

He’s really good at photography, and the fact that the photos turned out really nice despite bad weather conditions and insufficient natural light highlights his skills 🙂
We all sweated it out literally throughout the shoot, especially when our grad gowns were mad humid and him having to get down into various positions just to get the right angle for the best shots. It sure isn’t easy to be a photographer! – his portfolio is worth the check out!

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