Birthday thoughts.

20 Aug

This post is actually 2 weeks belated.

But turning 24 just made me realize that I’m at stage 2 of the Chinese zodiac cycle of my life (in terms of the Chinese zodiac – yes I’m a horse!) already, before I know it.

Damn, why does time always seem to fly when you’re in your 20s.

I’ve been truly blessed. With close friends, family, boyfriend around me, there’s really nothing more that I could ever ask for.

It’s the point when people ask me what I want for my birthday, and I honestly don’t know what to reply because material wise, I can usually buy it myself since I’m already working for almost a year. What I really want is beyond materialistic needs.

All I ask for, is for love in everything that I do, and to have the people around me love me the way I love them. Especially for the people whom I hold dearest to my heart.

For all that have wished me happy birthday, thank you. I really appreciate every single wish. 🙂

PS: Feasting post(s) for the birthday week will be in a separate entry!

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