Cavalia 2014

01 Sep

Jeremy and I went for Cavalia on Saturday evening and wow, the horses were incredibly majestic and graceful! Absolutely loved the whole performance, the performers really have such strong upper body strengths and the way they handled the horses in the show was really heartwarming 🙂




The white horses were absolutely graceful *inserts lovey eye emoji*




There was a point in the show the horses actually galloped and the performers could perform various stunts while on horseback, and it was absolutely amazing how they could do it with such ease 😀


The horses (stallions and geldings) were all so handsome – there was a miniature horse too! Some of them were rather mischievous – at points where I’m pretty sure they weren’t supposed to be drinking the water on the ground since it was during the performance, some of them actually bent their heads down to drink hahahahahaha.
Loved how they seemed to appear so shy after the performance, and how the performers showed them off proudly to the audience after the show 😀


My takeaway after the show – this little stuffed horse!

Cavalia is showing at the white theatre tent outside MBS now, until 14th September 2014. If you can afford the tickets, I’d say go catch the show! It’s a breathtaking performance and worth it 🙂 

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