‘Tis the season to be jolly!

17 Dec

It’s past mid December already, and I have totally neglected this space because there has been so many events happening of late within the past month, so much that I’m also actually pretty sleep-deprived.

December started off with an incredible bang, and I’m excited for Christmas, Opus 2 Jay 2014 and Penang! πŸ˜€

Because there’s too much that has happened, and also because I’m far more active on Instagram than WordPress, here’re the pictorial updates – and follow me at @runwithperseverance if you’d like to!





I was going on for a while about how I really wanted to try flying a kite, and eventually on 1 of the weekends (last weekend of November I think..?), we drove out to West Coast after church to buy one before driving down to Marina Barrage.
Conclusion: Kite-flying isn’t as easy as it seems, in honesty. It really takes a lot of effort to get the kite up in the sky, and a lot more to try and keep it in the air. Not to mention that wind conditions can make or break your kite-flying days. But nonetheless we had a blast doing it, and subsequently exploring Satay By The Bay too!

20141205_134148[1] 20141205_175105[1]

5th Dec: We decided to both take a day off from work on the day before his brother’s wedding, just so we could have time together for a real proper date after going through a lot of craziness at work. Thankful for it πŸ™‚

We wanted karaoke (okay, more of the fact that it’s me who wanted it because of Jay Chou HAHA), so we tried calling karaoke places the night before to check for evening timings, but to our dismay they were all fully booked. So fast forward to the 5th when we were out for breakfast with his family, and afterwards we hung around Orchard area to explore since we rarely have the chance to come out to town like this on a weekday, and we ended up at Cuppage Plaza. Cash Studio was there, and it was open at 1pm. I called the place the night before to try our luck, but couldn’t get the evening times, so I suggested that we hang around the area to see if we could get ourselves a slot once it opened, since it after all was a weekday.

So.. Lo and behold, once the place opened, we walked in and asked if there were any places available, and yes we got a small room to ourselves!! πŸ˜€ 3 hours of good old karaoke really is comforting, and something we really needed to unwind πŸ™‚

High tea afterwards at TWG at MBS, since we had planned to have high tea together for quite a while back. Thankful, that the ambience was really good, and that the food (especially the teas!!) was refreshing and comforting πŸ™‚

IMG_20141207_090453[1] IMG_20141208_133132[1]

6th December: Jem’s brother tied the knot at last! It didn’t feel like it was that long ago when he went down on 1 knee to propose, and now they’re finally married! It was a mad rush that day – imagine being up since 730AM to be at his place and witness the tea ceremony, and subsequently getting the important documents like the solemnization cert, evening suits and whatnot ready to bring down to the bridal suite afterwards. Needless to say we all were incredibly sleepy and we actually did a coffee run at Mac’s before going to his place for the tea ceremony.
3 cups of coffee in that day: 8AM coffee from Mac’s which helped a bit, but obviously wore off after a couple of hours; Starbucks peppermint mocha to bring some warmth in the rainy weather; and another one at Wheelock’s NYDC along with a tall chocolate crepe cake.
The wedding itself was sweet, and the old traditional Chinese dishes were served at the banquet, and we were helping out at reception and logistics – not easy when there’re so many people coming in almost at the same time! But we still pulled it off either way, and had fun helping out in it with his siblings πŸ™‚

Okay there’re actually more updates, but sleep beckons now. Will be back with edits/new posts!

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