Travelogue 4: The Penang Foodscapade. (Cultures and Sights)

31 Jan

28th December 2014 – 1st January 2015

It was a quick and much-needed getaway for us, especially after the hectic natures of our work over the past months. Fun was an understatement to describe the whole trip. It was.. FULL-filling for our stomachs, literally. But on this post, it’ll be about the sights and museums that we came across.. Food post shall be done separately! 🙂

Though the beginning of the trip proved unnerving, especially when we were in the departure lounge waiting for our flight and the breaking news about AirAsia QZ8501 going missing made me feel extremely uneasy. Thankfully our flight wasn’t on AirAsia!

We booked Red Inn Penang to stay in for our trip via Hostelbookers, and I’m really glad to say that what we saw in real life was also what we saw on the website when we were checking it out!

*Photos are not going to be in any chronological order, because admittedly I can’t really remember which days we went to what places, so I’d be sharing about where we went instead!

Pre-flight excitement! 🙂

IMAG0556 20141231_124059 20150101_120141

Red Inn Penang – where we put up for the whole trip. First ever backpacker’s experience for me and it was fun! The main area was a big wooden platform with beanbags, low tables, power outlets and even a flat-screen TV! It’s a common sight to see the guests chilling on the beanbags with a novel, or with their laptops doing work/planning their next travel destinations 🙂

IMAG0558 IMAG0563 IMAG0569 IMAG0570 IMAG0571 IMAG0572

IMG_4757 IMG_4758 IMG_4759
We went to Sun Yat Sen’s mansion (if I didn’t get the term wrong), and were wowed by the intricate architecture, and the many different escape routes that he used back in his days when he was trying to carry out plans for his revolution. And all the furniture that was in the house are the exact ones he used.

IMAG0575 IMAG0576 20141229_173639IMAG0580  20141229_174503 20141229_174320

1 thing about Penang – they’re known for their street art, and in general they’re quite cute. Needless to say it meant that there were many tourists doing all sorts of poses too!v

IMAG0583 IMAG0585 IMAG0586 IMAG0588 20141229_183918 20141229_183922

We went to explore the jetties too and were pretty impressed at how laid back the life was there. Sure indicates a sharp contrast, comparing it to the hectic lifestyle Singapore has. Not to mention that it was quite an interesting sight to see people riding on their motorbikes/scooters on the jetties to get home too haha!

IMAG0594 20141229_191258

IMAG0595 20141229_192324 20141229_145411

1 of our favorite places just behind our inn – Behind 50! Yes, it’s a little cafe/bar that’s really just behind 50 Love Lane – hence its name. And we chanced upon the most unique drink there – Hot Honey Milk. It became our favorite the moment we took the first sip and it was absolutely perfect as a wind-down drink before bed time too 🙂


Fort Cornwallis, where we saw the various cannons and structures that were used as a shelter of sorts during the war.

20141230_163327 20141230_16333220141230_163401 20141230_163633 20141230_16385320141230_163920 20141230_16403520141230_164044 20141230_16474020141230_164852 20141230_165033

Penang Camera Museum – somewhere that I was really excited to explore because I do my fair share of photography in my free time. And the number of vintage cameras in the galleries.. *insert lovey eye emoticon* For those who’re really hardcore in photography, this is the place to visit!

The Camera Museum
49 Lebuh Muntri
10200 Penang, Malaysia 

IMG_4740 IMG_4749

IMG_4752 IMG_4754
Armenian Street, where it’s 1 of the more touristy parts of Penang. And yes, that’s a flea market that’s really going on there, with clothes displayed on top of the car and all.

IMG_4770 IMG_4771 IMG_4773IMG_4774 IMG_4779IMG_4780 IMG_4783
IMG_4784 IMG_4786 IMG_4787

IMG_4803 IMG_4807IMG_4808 IMG_4817IMG_4823 IMG_4824IMG_4835 IMG_4837  IMG_4849 IMG_4850

IMG_4852 IMG_4853 IMG_4854 IMG_4855 IMG_4858IMG_4859 IMG_4860 IMG_4861IMG_4862 IMG_4872 IMG_4873 IMAG0622

We checked out Penang Time Tunnel too – 1 of the must-visits when in Penang! It’s pretty similar to Trick Eye Museum and Images of Singapore (Penang version of course!) come together, and it was our first time in this kind of place, so we had fun taking photos there too and being silly 🙂

Penang Time Tunnel 
Jalan Green Hall, Georgetown, 10200 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


We checked out Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion – also known as Blue Mansion because of the colors of the walls inside the mansion. Very unique architecture, and the place itself is so rich in history. n fact, parts of the mansion have been converted into hotel rooms for guests too! The story of Cheong Fatt Tze and his life has been made into a theatre production in Singapore before too, and the place itself has been used for many filming productions. The blue-ness (is there even such a word?) was something very unique and Western, which is something you wouldn’t really expect to see in an oriental styled house. Within the mansion itself, is a restaurant so beautiful that it took our breaths away when we saw it. The amazing fusion of oriental and Western influences within a dining setting was one so intricate, that not many would have imagined pairing them together. Imagine oriental styled crockery laid out together with Western style cutlery and tablecloths, Western styled lighting with oriental walls. Such a great beauty, indeed.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion 
14, Lebuh Leith, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

IMG_4922 IMG_4769 IMG_4941
These metal street art sculptures are everywhere in Penang too! Makes for interesting photo spots and also a great way to find out about the early histories of Penang, and how certain traditions and places came about.


Somehow, while the backpacker’s experience left me with a bad case of hives on my legs (dammit!!), it was an experience that I loved because it was something I’d never done before previously, and it was an interesting one because we explored a lot of places on foot, which is our favorite thing to do because we learn much from being like the locals in that sense 🙂

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