When you know that some things are a lost cause.

18 Dec

Well, hello.

It’s been more than a year since I wrote here, especially since I’m more active on Instagram. Somehow the urge to write again has come back again, especially when it’s the festive season and it should be merry all round, as much as possible.

Somehow, a lot of things have happened in the SG end, and it has made me realize that some things have really become a lost cause, that it’s really no point to pursue things further, especially when you know that no matter how much you do, it most likely won’t be recognized well, and that people will still find fault no matter what.

On Friday night, Jem and I were driving in town because I said I wanted to see the Christmas lights. A drunkard Caucasian appeared in front of us suddenly when we were trying to change lanes to the left outside 313 Somerset, and it was a blessing that Jeremy  was the driver and he was alert enough to swerve out of the way just in time. It was an incredibly close call, and that drunkard tried to get into the car behind us (which wasn’t his, obviously – he was so damn inebriated he wasn’t even able to walk straight, much less recognize things around him!).
Fast forward to about 10 minutes later, we parked our car and we were walking opposite Centrepoint when we witnessed this drunkard being aggressive to another hapless chap (article link here:, banging his car with his bag and whatnot, shouting vulgarities and flashing his middle finger. Obviously, the other chap was angry that his car was getting battered for no good reason and he stepped out to defend himself, and that was when the drunkard decided to throw punches at him. You obviously can’t blame the other chap when he took a stick out from his boot and tried to defend himself by whacking that aggressive drunkard.

To cut the long story short, the police came in. We observed how the incident unfolded, but eventually, THE DRUNKARD WALKED FREE. Like seriously, wtf has the world become?!
This made me lose faith in our system, and both of us decided to hand in a video that we filmed of the fight to the police eventually.

Through this incident, we realized just how good God had been to us, to protect us from harm. In addition, we also lost faith in the system. It’s a lost cause eventually, when you see just how the perpetrators can walk free like that when they clearly should have been led away in handcuffs.

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