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Opus 2 Jay 2014!!

This is the first post of the year, and first things first, Happy 2015! 🙂 It’s been a truly blessed ending to 2014 and fantastic start to 2015, so I hope the year ahead will be even better! 🙂


Back on 8th November itself, Jeremy dropped this huge surprise on me when I told him casually that I’d heard there were tickets refunded due to the concert being postponed to 27th December. Imagine my expression of shock and sheer joy afterwards when it sunk in at last HAHA. You spoil me rotten, and this was the best surprise I could ever ask for!

Fast forward to the actual day of the concert itself, Jeremy and I chilled out together at Tiong Bahru Bakery (Raffles City outlet) over Kouign Amann and strawberry jam. It was as good as ever, and we were inwardly thankful that we didn’t order scones though we were tempted to do so initially because just 1 of these was really filling, and we also had coffee and hot chocolate to go along with it. Will be back for the scones next time!
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By the time 8pm rolled by, the moment the lights dimmed, a collective scream went up immediately.

Jay kicked off the concert with 惊叹号, and it was enough adrenaline to keep the audience pumped up! He then continued with 龙拳 and followed up with 最後的战役, and he rocked the stage with 双截棍 – complete with nunchucks spinning and all!!

He also sang 浪漫手机 – 1 of the unexpected surprises in this concert! 🙂 魔术先生 was yet another fast, light upbeat track included in the setlist too 🙂

The movie tribute segment came up next – 不能说的秘密 and 一路向北! It was followed by 世界末日 and because that was a damn old song (at least 13 years old!), that effectively drove the crowd nuts and it drove the mass karaoke session volume higher.. And that wasn’t the highest I’ve heard that night 😉

The piano segment was next up! What’s a Jay Chou concert without him tickling the ivories!? 😀
I remember there was 听爸爸的话, but I forgot the order it was in during the piano segment. A big clincher was when the screen flashed ‘Do you remember my first song?’ in Mandarin, and from there he launched into 可爱女人 to kickstart the piano segment 😀
Yet another big hit followed afterwards – 安静! No Jay Chou concert/karaoke session is complete without 安静!

中国风 segment followed up – yet another Jay Chou icon!
He started off that section with 青花瓷 🙂 I told J that this was sung during F1 2012 when we went there last year and when the chorus came on, his reaction was like ‘Oh my God I like this song!!’ and was full of recognition 😀 he also sang 千里之外 and 公公偏头痛 too, as far as I remember!

The subsequent segment was the unplugged guitar medley. And it’s the Best. Damn. Medley. EVER. Imagine a lot of old school hits being combined into 1 altogether – makes for 1 awesome karaoke session! 彩虹+轨迹+牛仔很忙+星晴+回到过去! 😀 😀
He rounded off the unplugged medley by introducing the next song as one that would bring back memories of school days – 晴天!
The ‘mass karaoke’ volume was at its highest at the unplugged medley – what’s not to love about all the old school hits!? 😀

He sang some VERY unexpected oldies – 黑色毛衣 and 简单爱 AHHHHHHH! My immediate response was one of shock initially when 黑色毛衣 came on, then once again it was full karaoke mode HAHA. He even came down the stage to shake hands with the fans in the VIP seats during 简单爱.. omg lucky, lucky fans.

The last segment was what I’d call the colorful segment because of the light-ups – 乌克丽丽 and 阳光宅男 🙂 and we thought it was the end.. Until he came back onstage with 算什么男人 – 1 of his latest hits completely fresh out of the press for his new album 哎呦不錯哦! As well as 阳明山! He also did  屋顶 as a duet with 袁咏琳 🙂 somewhere along the way (I forgot the chronological order), he also did 大笨钟 too – another crowd favorite with its upbeat and cheerful lyrics!

His finale song was yet another oldie that brings back memories of secondary school days and was also yet another mass karaoke session – 七里香! 😀

The whole concert was almost 3 hours long, which was way longer than Opus 1 back in 2013, but in my honest point of view (and I’m pretty sure every Jay fan feels this way), it still WASN’T enough!! 😦 I guess that’s 1 thing when you’re a really hardcore fan! Let’s hope he’d be back again in 2015 – and this time round I’d make sure we both get tickets on the day tickets go on sale!


Got to catch up with Loretta too before and after the concert! 😀 How we got to know each other in uni, but got closer thanks to being huge Jay Chou fans 🙂 How amazing that life works in strange ways too..

1 day before Opus 1, I managed to get tickets from Loretta’s friend and she met up with me at Tiong Bahru Bakery (Raffles City outlet) to pass me the tickets and to catch up with each other. 1 year on, Jeremy got tickets from his friend and before the concert, we were at Tiong Bahru Bakery again to have high tea. How wondrous, that life works in strange yet amazing ways.. I’d think of it as God-planned incidences, and that I’m really blessed too 🙂

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