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Closing of another chapter.


18th July 2014. The day that I will officially don this gown and walk across the stage. Excuse my pale and sleepy face – I was really tired because I’m still battling the flu bug as of now! ><

I can’t believe it. It’s almost a year since I handed in my final exam paper, on my 23rd birthday last year. And fast forward to 11 months later, I’m now counting down the days to my own convocation.

It’s honestly a bit strange somehow that my own convocation ceremony came much later compared to some of my other friends. But heck, at least I will see familiar faces around on graduation day.

Now, I need to clear FP2 at work first before I can think about graduation. I’m mostly excited, but beneath the excitement I also feel a whole cacophony of emotions. Perhaps it’s the fact that now I’m no longer a student..?

But at least, if things go well, a grad photoshoot with the girls will be possible, as well as a family and self-portrait shoot.


Experimenting and updates.

Before I forget, hello June. You have come too fast already. I can’t believe how busy life has been of late, with all the ups and downs.

I hadn’t much time to experiment with my Canon of late because of Puspa’s heavy-content module on special needs. I love her classes so much because she’s a woman of steady comfort and is the most inspirational lecturer I’ve ever met in my years of education. And most importantly, I learnt so much from her in every class. I wish her class hours with my batch of trainee teachers could be way longer!

The most amazing lecturer, with the biggest heart ever, who won my respect from day 1 :’)
And we happened to see Rui En at Devan Nair that day too! She oozes class from all angles, and she’s so poised and elegant 😀

Things are getting better. 1 step at a time, to work it out. Comforting, but yet a big and scary step forward.


I finally had the chance to bring out my Canon to explore today, after Puspa’s special needs exam. And my reminder to myself: If I want to bring my DSLR, carry light stuff instead (ie. phone, wallet) of bringing my entire bag out. It’s so heavy I felt I was being bogged down :\

Rainy weather proved an annoyance.. Now I understand how professional photographers must feel when they have to brave bad weather (too sunny or drizzly) to do photoshoots. But nonetheless, at least it was fun to experiment with it. I need an entire day when I can just wander around and take photos. Just 1 afternoon is really not enough.

This was at Daily Scoop, Chip Bee Gardens at 9+pm on a Saturday night. Insane, insane crowd. But this place is a welcome respite because of the extreme humidity of late.
IMG_3217 IMG_3224
Laudaree macarons anybody?
IMG_3226 IMG_3231
Argh, blur :\
IMG_3234 IMG_3235
Forever a gastronomy nut at heart.
Hipster vibes.
IMG_3240 IMG_3241
This doesn’t feel like Singapore.. I need a holiday soon to escape Singapore’s heat and to enjoy myself.
IMG_3242 IMG_3244 IMG_3247 IMG_3248 IMG_3249 IMG_3254 IMG_3259
The curry chicken part cracked me up when I saw it.
IMG_3260 IMG_3261
Where traditional meets modern.
IMG_3263 IMG_3269 IMG_3272
Made my way to Strangers’ Reunion afterward because I had the urge to try their red velvet waffles but they ran out of red velvet batter 😦
IMG_3274 IMG_3280 IMG_3282
So buttermilk waffles it is, with vanilla ice cream, a generous dollop of peanut butter, bananas and chocolate fudge (Y)
The fact that they ran out of red velvet is an excuse for me to come back to Strangers’ Reunion again next time (hopefully, luckier) and to eat their raved-about truffle fries!


I finally got down to clearing my backlog of photos from my phone and reorganizing the photos into specific folders, and I must conclude that it’s tiresome to do so. Not to mention resizing of them because I don’t want them to take up too much space in my hard disk.


Leap of faith.

I think to an extent, everyone in life is scared of changes. Who isn’t?

I honestly wouldn’t believe it if someone were to tell me that they weren’t scared of the unknown, because it’s just not believable. And in fact I think it’s abnormal when one says that (s)he is not scared of the unknown/future. Because if someone can’t feel fear, then you’re (in my honest opinion) rather unfeeling.

Sometimes the changes that come our way (especially the unexpected ones) can be frightening, and at mild cases, it’s stressful.

Physically/Psychologically, when changes occur, the first reaction that the body has would be stress. In certain amounts at times, it’s fine – especially when the stress helps you see things from a different perspective and changes your views for the better. But if it’s chronic (long-term), then it’s something serious that you need to be kept on high alert because chronic stress is a factor in many illnesses/diseases like chronic heart disease, stroke etc.

I admit I’m scared of the future, to an extent. But if I don’t take this leap of faith, I might live to regret it in future. Especially in a highly fast-paced society like Singapore. Sometimes I feel that the level of stress is too high in here. Too many people are oriented on academic grades, material wants, high-paying jobs.. Oh the list could really go on.

It really is time to seriously think about what I want, and what we want for the future.. Reflect over what has happened, think of the next step.. And take that leap of faith.

Leaps of faith are never easy. But sometimes it has to be done, for the ones that we love; our sanity; our future.


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